can i put 4 week old chicks with 1 and a half week old chicks ?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Daniel_2kaii9, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Daniel_2kaii9

    Daniel_2kaii9 Songster

    Jun 16, 2009
    South Wales
    hey, can i put 4 week old pekin bantams with 2 13 & 12 day old chicks and a 1 week old duckling ?????

    plsss let me know


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  2. Mother of All

    Mother of All Songster

    May 3, 2010
    If they are about the same size I would see no problem with it except that if they came from some where else then they need to be separate from all other groups.
  3. gwill23

    gwill23 Songster

    Mar 14, 2010
    Grangeville Idaho
    Well I, I am new, but I am into easy. It doesn't work for me to have to fuss over my flock too much. So I would put them together with some type of separator between them until they get used to it and I would think they would get along fine. I have two groups 2 weeks apart. They were raised in the same coop for the first 2 weeks and then they were just let out together. The mom's were my problem. Now all 14 do everything together. I would be extra careful with yours just to make sure the size difference doesn't result in the big ones picking on the others.

    I am getting 4 silkies soon. My plan is to put them in the booding coop for about a week and then after that let them out to free range with everyone else and see how it goes.

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