Can I put a hen pheasants an her brood in the house so the other birds dont bother them.

Tayten B

5 Years
Dec 18, 2014
I am at day 25 With one of my hen pheasants that is on eggs the pen e is in has another hen and a rooster in there and i am going to bring them out no matter what. but at home i have another aviary but i don't know if the quail and other pheasants will do with the babies i have a cages that they could stay in but should i bring it in the house or live it out side.Or do you think the other birds will be okay with them.
You are best off to leave the mother with the chicks and remove the other birds.Make sure there are no holes anywhere in your pen so the little buggers don't get away on you.
In N.H.,Tony.
Sorry i haven replayed for awhile. to late we believe that there are still 2 alive 2 Misc. 1 dead they manged to get out. i would love to keep them but they are for releasing we had them donated for a project in the fall so we keeped them so in spring there was more cover and food. but we might just release the others and let her do it so she has the instinct. thank much.

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