Can I put chicks out 53 degree nights?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by amijab, May 8, 2017.

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    Dec 30, 2011
    I am building my brooder this week. Before building I am wondering how long I will need to keep baby chicks inside. When they could move to garage? When they could move to the coop? ( I have no other hens to contend with). I get the baby chicks May 18. When they are three weeks old the average weather for nights in my area is 53 degrees. I guess I'm not sure what kind of temporary brooder to build because I'm not sure how long I will need it.
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    If you have electric to the coop, they can go out there from the time they hatch.
    I've raised chicks out in an unheated building with temp in the 30s. Just a hover brooder with a couple heat lamps. I use ceramic heat emitters.

    I just had a chick get out of his pen and ran off into the woods. He was 17 days old and had no siblings to keep him warm at night. It was in the low 40s each night. The little feral chicken spent 5 days outside on his own because I couldn't catch him. He was smarter then I (knowing where all the holes in the fences were), smaller than I and much faster than I.
    I finally caught him a couple mornings ago right at dawn and put him back with his siblings.
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    I've never brooded in my house, always out in a coop and always in spring when lows are bouncing from the teens to 40s. I give them the indoor space only for about a week and then open the pop door so they can explore their run.

    I used heat lamps before but switched to the mama heating pad this batch. I wouldn't go back to the lamp because for the small groups I get (6 this time), it's a whole lot easier/safer/lower power consumption to give them an electric hen. And, it cost me a whole $13 to build one. [​IMG]

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