Can I put new chicks in with the others?


10 Years
Apr 12, 2009
West Virginia
I got 25 chicks from Estes last Friday. They are in a watermelon box.

I have 25 chicks coming from Ideal this Friday. I never did this before. Can I put them in with the Estes chicks, or do they need a new watermelon box?

With that many and only a week apart, it might work. Keep an eye on them for aggressors. Most hostility at any age is due to lack of recognition. In a young group that size, there may not be any problems yet.......Pop
as long as they're somewhat close in size, and there's plenty of room, I'd just keep an eye on them. Good Luck!
Ok, thanks. I have raised many chicks before, but never got two bunches a week apart.

That watermelon box makes a GREAT chick corral!

Unless these Ideal chicks are really something special, I think in the future if I want chicks, I will go with Estes. I have really been happy with them.

Now, they did not put in any extras, but since none died, I am not complaining.

Well, one committed hari kari by getting its head stuck under the waterer. But I certainly cannot blame the hatchery for that.

My gosh that little Silkie chick that hatched yesterday is funny looking!


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