Can I raise a poult with...


11 Years
Dec 2, 2008
some goslings. I only put a couple turkey eggs in the bator with some goose eggs and it looks like only one is going to hatch. the goslings just hatched and there are 3 of them so far...soon to be a couple more. would i be able to keep the poult with the goslings or would they hurt him?
The 2 main problems that I see woudl be 1) Size. Goslings will get bigger quicker that the turkeys and may run him/her over and 2) Water. Ducks and goslings are very messy and if the turkey poult gets wet, like Steve at SANDS says, a cold wet poult=a dead poult. I could be very wrong on both accounts. I have raised both but never together (did not have them at the same time). Just my thoughts on it.
i also thought the same after thinking about it for a while...i couldnt raise him/her by itself so i went to tsc today and bought 2 of the meat i will raise them together...
It's a much better idea than the goslings, but you're probably going to run into just as many problems -- just different ones -- with the meat chicks. They will outgrow your poults just as quick as the goslings, require different feed considerations than the poults (limit feeding beginning at a few weeks old) and will be ready to process when your poult is just finally feathering out. More heritage-type turkeys would be best, but non-meat type chicks would be a close second.
I agree. Raising waterfowl with a turkey is not a good idea; unless, you raise them on wire and not allow any bathing water. A meat type chick would be a poor idea. Get some heritage type poults or some standard size chicks.

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