Can i relocate peahen nest?


Dec 23, 2019
So i found my pea hen's nest in the woods. The question i have is if i move the eggs to a covered area and make her a nest wilñ she stay in the nest i make her in the covered area? Or not.
Rain season is starting soon and also there are lots of predators that might eat the eggs and the hen
It depends. Usually they will not relocate but she might especially since she hasn't really been setting that long. One day isn't long at all and she wants to set. I would try it. Maybe put the nest into a wooden box for a day or two then moving the box with eggs to an enclosed area, a small pen or coop and don't let her out to free range. Or just move the nest to a very small place and see if she stays broody. At one day the eggs haven't started much and can handle some temporary cool temps.
I agree. If my hens set close to the house I will let them but if they are out there a 100 yards I bring them in. We have Great Pyrenees so I don't worry too much but anything can happen.
the fox was literally 2' away from the bedroom window yesterday!

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