Can I save a goldfinch?

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    May 28, 2008
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    Found the cat torturing a goldfinch under the bed! After a few frantic minutes I was able to get the two separated and the bird in a cage...
    It seems ok- after its initial shock. It flew onto the perch and seems to be eating and pooping. It looks ok- but I know it lost a lot of feathers-should I keep it inside for awhile or just let it go? Is it possible to keep it as a pet? Thanks for any ideas or advice. Lesa

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    If it can fly and has recovered from shock...hmm...I would set it free fast. It is more stress staying with you at this point. Back in the wild is the place it wants to be.

    I found a crow that could not fly. Don't know why. Put it in a cage and fed it chicken scraps, you name it that sucker ate it.....within 2 weeks he could fly and was frantic to get out. I just opened the door and he took off.

    So it is best to know what is wrong and help.....but it is also best to let mother nature have that goldfinch back.

    OHH...cats, they are rough aren't they. Worst is my barn cats and baby bunnies...UGH
  4. JennsPeeps

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    Lesa, welcome to BYC!

    I'd keep the bird in a dark place to calm it down for a bit, then let it go. Wild animals can be very difficult to take care of, and goldfinches (the WA State bird!!) have very narrow diets.

    Enjoy it outside and cherish the moments you had it in your hands: it's a rare and wonderous thing to catch a wild bird. [​IMG] I love knowing that there are birds in the world that I've held.

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