Can I stop them going BROODY?


10 Years
Sep 22, 2009
Is it possible to put my bantam wyandotte off being broody? She has been very noisy and just sits in the box all day and night, not producing any eggs, which I want!
Send her to me!!
It seems people have good luck putting them in a wire cage (like a rabbit cage) up off the floor so air can ciruclate under them. Keep food and water in there, but NOTHING she can use to make a nest. Others are able to break less determined broodies by either taking them off the nest as often as needed or temporarily blocking the nest so she can't get in and sit.
When you find out can you PM me? I have had 3/5 go broody in the past 2 months just yesterday I noticed yet ANOTHER of my hens starting with the pre-broody behaviors! AHHHHH!!!

ETA: the cage works well. I'd like a total broody preventative remedy though! LOL
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WELL I don't have a solution, I couldn't get a cage, so I just let her go throught it and three weeks later eggs are back and shes running around again!

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