Can I swap incubators on day 5


9 Years
Feb 17, 2010
OK, I set 21 black orpingtons and 2 BCM on Wed 3/3 in my LG still air. My new incubator came today and has a fan. Can I set it up and get the temp right and move the eggs in the turner to the new incubater without compromising?? Has anyone done this?? Will the change from still air to forced air hurt them??
I've never tried it, but I see no reason why not since it's only Day 5.

I recommend getting the new one set up and giving it at least 24 hours to match humidity and get temp stable. The temp difference shouldn't be too big an issue, just work quickly whilw transferring.

Good luck!
Thank you, I didnt see a problem once the new incubator gets to temp and humidity, just needed someone else's opinion cause I always second guess myself.
Yes you can. A momma hen gets off her eggs was a day. it will be fine just dont open an close bator over and over again. My chicks started hatching on day 19 and I never opened bator till day 18 to remove turner
If you haven't thought about it, the Still Air will make a good hatcher, I used a still air hatcher last year. To transfer eggs easily, take them out of the bator and put in egg cartons to move them, I do this to transfer to hatcher and usually only have to open the lid once.
Thats what I plan to do, make the still air the hatcher. I've seen people put down that rubbery holey shelf liner on the bottom over the screen, any thoughts?
I use the shelf liner stuff on about 3/4 of the screen, I leave some exposed screen as I found the shelf liner seems to mess with the humidity since the holes in it are very small. Leaving a strip of screen exposed on one side seemed to fix the issue and I have not had any problems with chicks.

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