Can I switch from mash to crumbles?

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    Jul 22, 2010
    Hello. This is my first post on BYC, but I've been reading the forum for a while (you've helped me so much already!) I have a question that is hard to search, so I'll just go ahead and ask.
    I started my chicks on mash about six weeks ago. I switched to a grower feed this week and I got crumbles at the local feed store instead of mash. I fed it to the chickens with some grit sprinkled on top. They seem to be picking up the crumbles but dropping them again. Will they eventually get it? I think I'm just being paranoid, but I want to make sure they eat!

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    Aug 19, 2009
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    If they're 6 weeks old they should be on crumbles by now. We actually have 5 week old chicks that are on pellets with cracked corn (rescues and we're out of starter at the moment). They're learning just fine.

    If you are that concerned, you can crush the crumbles yourself between cinderblock or something like that for them...but they really should start to learn how to eat bigger peices than mash. The crumbles/pellets are less messy than the meal/mash, so you'll save yourself $$ in the long run as they'll waste less (or so the theory goes [​IMG] )

    Good luck and enjoy!!

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