can I tell gender by comb type on my hybrids?


8 Years
Apr 24, 2011
Nolanville TX
I have 2 babied from a Silver Laced Wyandott Rooster and a Partridge Cochin Hen. Both babies are about 3 months old now, they have similar colouring-black background with white accents, alot like SLW babies I also have but w/o lacing on the chest. one has daddies rose comb and one has the hens single comb. Is this comb difference useful in sexing them now? Is it sex linked or just luck of the draw that they each got a different comb?
It's not sex-linked, but single combs usually are easier to sex at an earlier age than rose combs.
The fact that you got single and rose comb just means that your Wyandotte parent isn't pure for a rose comb, but instead carries a single comb gene.

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