Can I turn this around? Food, molting, age and a lack of eggs.


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Mar 7, 2009
I have two RIR's about two years old, getting closer to three. They are adopted and their birth owner wasn't too sure. One of my hen's Hazel molted this summer and wasn't laying at all. Her sister, Myrtle, was laying maybe three a week.

The molting is over for Hazel, but still no eggs. Myrtle is laying one, maybe two, every three or four or five days.

Before summer started they began laying all over the yard to avoid the wrath of a big snake. I got them a safe place to lay, but things haven't been the same.

I bought a bag of their regular organic crumble food, but it has gotten bugs in it. Does this mean the food is bad? Could this cause the problem? They usually like bugs.

They are healthy, happy, free rangle part of the day and in a large fenced area the rest.

I know they are older, but I want to do my best to keep them in production, so is there anything I can do to get Hazel laying again? ANything I can do to get Myrtle laying more often, I would appreciate the advice.

New food?

I appreciate the advice!

Is the protien content of the feed 18% or better? If not try to find one that is or feed supplement them something with a high protien like cooked eggs.

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