Can I wash eggs? First timer at incubating


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Apr 6, 2011
I got some free peacock eggs at a greenhouse. Only one of them is viable with blood vessels. I decided to add some of my own porcelain d'uccle eggs so the little peacock will have some friends. The problem is that my porcy eggs are filthy. Really really poopy. Can I wash them all and expect some to hatch?
i was told if u wash them u will break down the protective barrier that they have on them somebody will correct me if im wrong
I was told and have read several articles on hatching from many different books that if you wash the eggs prior to hatching them,you erase the protective barrier on the eggs and greatly reduce your hatch rates...I have never washed the eggs before hatching so I can't say 100% for sure it's true, but the books were all reputable and even if you check out websites it says the same. do you know the hatcheries wash their eggs, and this is helping their hatchrate??
That's good to know....interesting. Thanks for sharing that. This is such a learning forum. I love it when ppl. can speak of actual situations that have happened to them.
Just did a test run of washed eggs and I had four eggs that I tested .All four eggs took and I managed three chicks out of four .It would have been four out of four if one hadn't hatched at night and was stuck all night and died in the shell .I did try some more , but it seems those didn't do as well .........out of eight there were no chicks , but five showed growth and they developed till about the third week and then died ? So I will clean eggs if needed , but will still continue with not washing them if not required .I have also that all hatchery eggs get washed , or disinfected at least with a wash , might be part of the bio security ??
I personally don't was my eggs before I put them into my incubator. I have always had very good hatches. Here is a pic of my last hatch.

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