Can it be too hot for the babies? and other newbie questions

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mylittlehof, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Central Texas
    I haven't gotten my babies yet - I am expecting them in a week and a half - and it is HOT here in TX. I am going to put them in their coop,which is fairly well shaded, but some of the day is in the sun. It is well ventilated, but it can get into the mid-90s during the day. I am assuming this ok for when they are really little, but as they grow should I worry, put a fan in there or something?

    I plan on keeping them in the coop for a few weeks (another question there - how long should they stay in the coop?) I am getting them at a few days old.

    Also, I had read somewhere that burlap on the floor the brooder would be good for the first weeks or so? Yes or No?

    I am so excited about my girls and I am so glad to find a forum like this one to help with my questions! [​IMG] Thanks in advance!

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    you want the chicks to be warm at first, free from drafts, probably direct drafts. the temp. is usually 95 degrees, we just use a light bulb, not a heat lamp. you apparently don't need a heat lamp!
    you want to keep them warm at night though. We keep them in the house, or barn in the summer, and keep a light where they can get away from it if they get hot. we don't keep it low when it is hot outside. I have chicks in the barn now, in a big walmart watermellon box with wire on the top. we have a light on it, and a board to keep the wire down, with bricks to hold it down.
    I don't put my chicks out till they get about 3 weeks old, some do sooner. they need to be in a predator proof area. I put chicken wire around the fenced area, to keep them in.
    We also use pine bedding, never use cedar. I never heard of burlap, but the pine bedding is so much easier to keep clean.
    make sure to put marbles in the waterer too, they can drown the first few days.
    I am sure there are alot of people who can add to this, or correct on the temp if I am wrong. I do know if they are not warm enough they will act funny, stagger, even fall over sideways. I had some do that.
    good luck! having chickens is the best thing I ever did!!!
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    May 2, 2008

    I am also wondering what is too hot for babies. We have 4 new ones and I have elected to put them in the coop vs inside because it is hot in Phoenix right now and with the air conditioning in the house I think outside will be better. My concern is that this week it has been up to 110. The coop is in the shade and well ventilated and we do turn the heat lamp on at night but I would love to here from anyone with Chickens in a hot climate.

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