Can layers' eggs change colors? Olive egg mystery...


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Jun 15, 2011
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I'm posting this about a friend's chickens. She has recently started getting an olive colored egg of a pretty large size, not a new pullet size. She's never gotten that color before, and it's not showing up as often as the browns and blues. For hens, she has 2 EEs, a white rock, black sex link, and silkie/cochin mix. For newer layers, she has Ameracaunas (1 black, 2 blue/lavender), a BO and red sex link.

She is getting two different lighter brown eggs, a slightly darker brown egg, a blue-green egg, a smaller blue egg and this olive egg. We are scratching our heads wondering who is laying it? The small blue is one of the Ameracaunas, she thinks the blue-green is the younger EE, and the browns come from the BO, black star and either white rock or red star.

Can one of the EE's egg colors have changed from blue-green last season to olive green this time? Or is it possible that her black Ameracauna actually has BCM in her? Or something else?

Thanks for helping us solve this mystery!
I think that I heard a golden comet lays green eggs. I could be wrong though. I'm sure someone knows for sure on here. The only others that I know are the Aracuanas, Ameraucanas and easter-eggers but they are more blue. Photos might help too?!
I looked it up and I see that Cuckoo Marans/Ameraucana lay olive eggs. Maybe she has a cross breed and didn't know it.

I also read that any brown layer crossed with an Easter Egger or Ameraucana, etc will make olive eggs.
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