Can laying to well cause a break from laying


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Aug 16, 2012
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Ok I have 15 month old hens Dominique and RIR , they started laying in December of 2012. They quit laying about 7 weeks ago I have several theories but I want to clarify 1 thing. Almost all my hens layed an egg every day from February to mid July. So I wanted to know if laying that well could have caused them to just need a laying break. Any help is appreciated.
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Not really, just remember- a very good layer depends a lot on her intake, like vitamins, organics, calcium etc. Her body can only take as much nutritious she get in. A hen can lay as long as she is alive. The production drops off each year. If you are talking egg production only, the first two to three years are best. Hens for breeding stock remain viable far longer.

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