Can my new Bantam free range with the bigger hens?


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I got myself a bantam hen.. she's a cutie she is..and so sweet. She let's me hold her and seems to almost purr in my arms.. Anyway here's my question.. She has been in the hen house with the others for about 3 days now.. She is a bit stand offish. I have finally let her out with the other girls to free range. She won't socialize, she keeps them in eye sight but hides in the bushes. Will she ever be "One of the girls?" or should I get another Bantam hen to keep her company? I feel bad for her, I don't know if she's scared of them or if she just doesn't know how to fit in..Anyone else have this set up, that could give me some advise?
What breed is your bantam? Some breeds, like silkies, seem to really get the cold shoulder from the other chickens. Other bantams, like feisty OEGB's, don't realize they're tiny and so they freely mingle with the big hens, like one of them, and seem to earn some respect. And sometimes it's a personality thing. Some chickens are just more aloof than others - it may have nothing to do with her size. If you want to get another bantam like her to see if they can buddy-up, it may not be a bad idea. Then she'll have the option of hanging with a buddy, and if the big hens are ostracizing them, they will at least have each other.That's how I ended up with two silkies!
She's a Sarama She is a teenager, she's not laying yet and I don't think she will get much of a comb. She is a sweetheart and so fast on her feet. I should have called her "skooter" but her name is "lil bit".
She just stays out of the bigger hens way but is always within eye sight of them, either in the bushes or under the porch. She will run way behind them like a little sister trying to keep
I think I'm going to get her a sister bantam because she just doesn't seem like she's fitting in with the big girls. Kinda sad really...awwwww...:(
I am addicted to adding "one more" bantum. I love those girls, and you are right, my OEG don't seem to know or care that they are small. Very sweet little girls, and not bad egg production either.

Right now I have a Golden Sebright, OEG, and a D'uccle that are all broody. Down right determined little girls. Good luck, I love the bantums, I never want to be without them.

Also we had a fox attack, out of 34 mixed flock hens ( of which five were bantums), I lost 11 full size girls, and 2 were injured, none of them were the bantums.

One of the first thing my husband asked, was "did they get any of the little girls?" They are our family favorite, my boys can hold them and they tolerate it. We love them enough that we couldn't wait to get more bantums when this spring came. Unfortunately ended up with more boys than girls, but we can deal with that just to get those little sweet girls. So far our boys are well behaved

Oh, wanted to add, my girls free range with the big girls. Our new batch of large birds don't tolerate the bantums as well, but when we integrated the bantums got new respect because the big one year old hens didn't think twice about the bantums, but put the pullets in their place. Had to smile at that.

Good luck!
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Oh gosh I hate to hear that the fox got so many of your girls..Darn! My friend up the mountain a ways had the same thing happen just a couple of weeks ago only it was a feral cat! They got it..I didn't ask what they did with it once they caught I am seriously thinking of getting another bantam hen because she is just to cute...
Well take heart, getting your self back into the routine with new hens will keep your mind of this disaster and keep you busy, making all of the girls feeling good about their new home...
I have 1 bantam hen. (I think she's a mutt, but I really don't know.) She was still a chick when I brought her home with her 4 brothers. (who were supposed to be girls...) She got bullied some when I finally put her out with the flock. I put her out with the others while they were free ranging so she could escape. To be fair, she was still with her brothers though, so she had friends. Anyway, she found her place in the pecking order quickly, especially after we butchered 2 of her brothers. Now she's one of the RIR rooster's favorite hens and she leaves her last living brother in the dust to go hang out with the big guys.
I have 4 OEGB of which 3 are girls. They share the same coop and free range with the big birds. They are so cute and they are definitely my husband's favorite at our house. He's always saying "They don't even look like chickens!" We just added 2 new BO chicks to the flock and Sally, one of the OEGB girls has made it known that she is the boss of them. It really was quite funny to watch. Not being particularly mean, just a peck here or there. The top girl is our White Leghorn and then it appears that Sally is #2...which really surprises me!!

I would get your girl a friend. I can't imagine how sad I would feel if I only had one new BO. They just wander off in their own little world - oblivious to the others - which is kind of nice for them.
My bantams were added to the flock to take care of a broody. Now that they're independent, I find that they stick together and keep away from the standards, with the exception of a Dutch roo who is dominant. He believes he owns the place. There isn't any aggression between the standards and bantams, they simply tend to keep apart.

So, in my limited experience it seems that chicks of a feather do indeed flock together. It's possible that another bantam could be a good idea for you.

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