Can newly hatched ducklings stay with surrogate mommy Silkie?


11 Years
Jul 23, 2008
Seattle, WA
I have a tiny little Silkie mix hen who's been faithfully sitting on 5 duck eggs that are a cross between a Buff and a Khaki. She's due to hatch them out this weekend, near as I can figure it. Of all the worst timing, I'm going to be out of town until late Saturday, or Sunday afternoon.

Right now, I have them in the broody hutch below:

It's very small, but has been perfect for its current job of safely holding the Silkie and her eggs in her own place so she isn't bothered by the other hens.

What should I do for her before I'm gone? I know I'll need to be sure there's a feeder with chick starter (non-medicated) and of course a good waterer that doesn't allow drowning.

If they are with the Silkie mama, do they need a heat lamp? I have a brooder full of chicks right now, but I could put them in the inside brooder and get those ducklings in there. What do folks suggest?
leave the eggs with the silke mamma they wil b fine all u need to do is put chick feed and water in there and ur silkie will handle the rest. in a week or two u wil need to add a little pool though

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