Can not figure out what is wrong with this hen.

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    I have a hen, Darla, that is 3 years old and doesnt want to walk around or stand more than a minute or so. She has been like this for about a week but getting worse (a few days ago could walk around a but more and stand longer). One day she just didnt want to come down from the roost so I isolated her and brought her to the vet with another hen which has somewhat different symptoms. The other hen, Martha, I treated for ascites by draining her and shes on tylan and tetracycline and looks 90% better. She is basically back to normal after almost a week but continuing to monitor closely until her antibiotics are done.
    Yay for Martha!
    Darla still has an appetite and her poop looks normal. Shes alert and colour is good. Warm but not hot. I had her checked for egg binding and nothing. She passes 3 large sized normal poops a day. She was vaccinated for Mareks and aside from a bout of a respiratory outbreak last summer with the flock shes been exceptionally healthy and is the largest hen I have. Her breathing looks slightly laboured today and she just will not walk around and stands only for 20 seconds or so. She doesnt have the waterbelly the other did but both Marha and Darla I have been treating with tylan for 4 or 5 days and started them on tetracyline in the water for 2 or 3 days now.
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    Does anyone think that Darla could actually have coccidiosis? No blood in poop but today was runny and green with white. I have corid on hand but im injecting tyland AND using tetracycline because the vet said it couldnt hurt. But to go with corid Id likely have to stop the tetracycline which I only started Friday.

    These were all vaccinated as chicks for Mareks also.
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    Can anyone please help? ! I am afraid I am going to lose her tonight. She is laying down and looks very uncomfortable. Shallow breathing and every few minutes tries to readjust herself pushing herself up slightly with her wings. Laying down looks difficult but she wont stand more than a few seconds. I am desperate for ideas to help her!!!

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