Can pigeons be with?


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Jun 10, 2017
Hello guys i just joined this website so may be a little new (hope im posting this in the right section) BUt i was wondering About some doves and stuff what other birds can they be with like quail or Pheasants im think about mixing them toghter is it okay?
Doves are a solitary bird and do not mix well even with other doves. Pigeons on the other hand are more gregarious. They mix well with one another not with chickens or pheasants. I have no experience with quail.
Ok so i wont place doves and pheasants toghter?
No... Doves are small and delicate... a larger bird like a pheasant will easily kill or injure the dove.

Doves should be kept in pairs on their own.

Pigeons can be kept in a group. But its best not to keep other bird species with them.. because often things will go wrong.. like chickens eating the pigeon eggs, or attacking young pigeons that are learning to fly etc. They also need different foods.
Game birds like pheasants and quails are often nasty to other birds, and sometimes even to their own. I would not do it.

I thought about putting my chukars in with my pigeons, but after doing a little research the decision was easy--one big heck no.

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