Can pullets eat layer pellets?


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Sep 18, 2014
We have 7 week old chicks and a mumma hen.

They're all on a 'grower' feed at the moment, which can't be used for layers.

Mum has laid her first eggs this week, which means we're unable to eat them.

My question is, will the chicks grow as well, and be as capable as layers later, if we switch them all to a layer mix at 7 weeks?

Thanking you in advance!
Why can't you eat the first egg? Many people look forward to their first omelet from their first egg!

Never feed layer to chicks under 18 weeks. Feed grower, flock raiser, or anything but laer. Provide a small bowl of oyster shell as a calcium source for the laying hens which they will eat if they feel the need for extra calcium. The chicks will be unlikely to eat much if any of it.

Many chicken keepers routinely feed their whole flock something like a flock raiser feed, and provide calcium separately.

Scroll down near the end of this article:
I'd love to eat the eggs, but the mum/layer is eating the 'grower' food alongside her chicks which states eggs shouldn't be eaten for two weeks after consumption. As she's in the coop with them we can't feed her seperately.

Was hoping there's a happy medium to feed both the chicks and mum.

I could scramble them for the chickens so they're not anything added to the eggs when scrambling for the chooks??
x2 on what Judy said regarding grower feed and crushed oyster shell.

We have always eaten the girl's 1st eggs unless it was something odd like a jelly egg. The other day one of our younger girls laid her 1st and it was only about the size of a quarter. That was one of the cutest fried eggs ever!
(Sorry I wasn't very clear in my original post.

The eggs are mumma hens first after hatching her clutch 7 weeks ago.

I didn't realise at the time but I purchased a 'medicated' grower mix which can't be fed to layers.

Looks like I may have to try and find an 'unmedicated' one so we can start eating them!!)
Most medicated chick starter has amprolium to help with coccidian. It is not an antibiotic! Large commercial broiler operations often feed grower with antibiotics added, IMO a bad idea, and eating those eggs not a good plan. Read the label on the feed to find out what you have. Mary
Ours contains 'lasalocid sodium' and yes it's for coccidiosis.

Didn't even think to ask when I was buying it, and they got it/loaded it. I only realised a few days later.

Will look into it tomorrow and try and get a replacement. Thanks

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