Can quail eat flavoured yoghurt?


7 Years
Oct 10, 2012
My quail love trying new foods, and because I've heard of plain yoghurt being good for their health for digestion, I'm wondering if its alright if they can eat flavoured yoghurt(?), because that's the only yoghurt I have. I know plain yoghurt is good for chickens, but unsure about flavoured, and I'm presuming that what chickens can eat, quail could eat as well.
I'm pretty sure the yoghurt I have has very little sugar amounts (i'll need to double check though), so I'm just wondering if that's okay for them, since a lot of sugar isn't good for quail...

I would not fed them flavored as most has some form of sweetener, maybe corn syrup, in it and they surly do not need that. I thought the yogurt was is they need to be wormed or something like that? I might be wrong but I would not give it my buttons.
Alright, thanks!
I'm not entirely sure. I read that plain yoghurt was good for chickens as a treat (I love giving my quail treats, its taming them and its cute), as well as to help with the same uses it does for humans, for digestion and stuff. I'm presuming that whatever chickens can eat, quail could probably eat.
Although, there are two sides to the story, some say its alright to feed it, others say that it'll give diarrhea to the birdies. Apparently some people have fed chickens yoghurt with no problems, but I'm not entirely sure.

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