Can quail go on a concrete floor aviary?


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Jan 26, 2009
Toms river, New jersey
Hi guys, Since I got rid of my ducks I have this big Pen left over,So I'm thing about putting a couple quail in there but it has a concrete floor, is that bad for the quail? Im going have a bunch of natural perching branches, I'm going to find them doing at the end of my street.That brings up another question, do quail like to perch? And I want to get cotournix quail so all there questions are for them. Hey that brings up another question
were can I get cotournix quail in small numbers? Because the hatcheries have a MINIMUM of 100 chicks. I dont want 100 chicks, all I want is about 10 being some might now make it. so do you know were I could get small numbers of quail? whether there chicks or adults I dont care.(no eggs!)Thanks


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Jul 18, 2008
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Coturnix quail cannot perch at all if you're meaning coturnix quail.

You can buy coturnix hatching eggs in small numbers from hobby breeders, same with chicks and adult birds just ask around

Concrete wont kill quail, but if i were you i'd put some sort of bedding down for them so they arent walking on that all the time it may sore up their tootsies lol! I would worm them once a mnth in this sort of set up to be safe though if they can get any contact with the ground it's best to.

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