can rotten eggs in incubator kill the other eggs

chick beach

5 Years
Apr 3, 2014
I found 4 rotten eggs in my homemade incubator could they have killed the other eggs I'm on day 23 with no movement or pips or chirps Should I give up on this batch help!! My other incubator that was started a day later has already 3 chicks and at least 6 pips
Rotten eggs will ooze and spread germs & bacteria and *can* kill the rest of the eggs but not always. Usually if there is a rotten egg present you can smell it as soon as you open the bator and that first whiff of warm moist air reaches your nose. When I candle I also sniff each egg and can them early on. If you're on day 23 the chances are slim anything will hatch.
It is possible due to bacteria infection but kill all is not likely,
wrong temperature kills all, too high or too low.
I imagine it could kill some. I had rotten eggs explode early on when I was first learning and still had chicks hatch with the dried ooze on their shells. I can't recall having a rotten egg in the last 20 years or so though. Getting a super bright flashlight and candling will help you out tremendously to prevent that.
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