Can sheep and cows be kept together?


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
North Liberty
I plan on raising two ewe lambs for 4H next year. I also want to raise a Holstein calf for 4H.

The problem is that we don't have the money to build two fences around two pastures....

I have read that sheep and cows can live together, but I have never talked to someone who has done it!

Any information helps!
I have sheep and cows no problem. 3 ewes and a ram, a dexter and a highland. the ram tries to breed the cows sometimes but they tell him where to go. havent had any issues. The ram is the biggest problem, and you wont have one so all the better. Just make sure that sheep friendly minerals are out, cattle minerals have copper.
will the sheep avoid the cattle mineral if there are sheep minerals out? also cant I just feed a different complete feed ration for the sheep and cow?
how do you feed hay? free choice or twice a day?
No you cannot have cattle mineral anywhere near the sheep. The copper will kill them. Sheep cannot have copper. The sheep will preffer the cattle mineral. Just get sheep mineral. Unless you stall them seperately you cant feed them different feeds. The cow will learn to eat the sheep feed first and then eat his feed thats out of sheep reach. I dont feed any grain at all. I offer a sheep safe mineral. My cows have been fine with no copper but I have the copper boluses for my goats if they ever seem to need one. I have round bales out all the time.

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