can somebody explain pinterest to me?

key west chick

11 Years
May 31, 2008
Gainesville, GA
I got a pinterest thingy cause a friend said I would love it. Ok so now what? How do I follow people? If I see something Im interested in, what do I do with it? Help, I feel stupid...
I have a lot of friends who are loving pintrest. Like you I was pretty much instructed to get one as well. I did, and havent been back on the site since that night. I guess you can get a lot of good recipe ideas as well as craft ideas. Maybe now that the holidays are over and life should slow down some; I can go check it out. I was confused when I was looking over it. I get emails saying people are following me on there- feel sorry for them because Im boring on there! Heck BYC has sorta replaced facebook this week. I would rather be on here reading then FB.
I ignored it for the first few days I had it. Now, it's always up as a tab on my internet. And I have the app.

It's a great place to find recipes. And decorating ideas. Craft ideas. Outfit ideas. It's like a google search, but not nearly as general.

(It isn't full of chicken stuff yet. I hope to change that.)

To answer OP's questions, if you go to the top right, hover over your name, go to find friends, it'll show you which of your friends are already on pinterest, you can follow them there.
If you find something you're interested in, repin it and it'll be saved to your boards. (You have to make a board, usually one that's kind of specific, like recipes, outfits, chickens, etc.)
You just have to spend a little time to get used to it....and waste some time. I like the recipe ideas...but don't have much time to spend on it. Rather be here really!
It sounds like that twit thing. I still don't get that, and I am sure I don't want to get something like it. If I am made to get something, I know for sure that I really don't want it, or need it.
Well after the OP mentioned pinterest; I went ahead and logged on for my 2nd time. Im kind of glad I did. I seen a picture of a big paper mache letter with pictures all over it. Now my mind is wondering. I am going to make one for the house and then do one of pictures or maybe just different colors and patterns that match the hosue. Thanks OP!!

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