Can someone calm my nerves?! Getting chicks for first time a week from today!


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Mar 19, 2012
Carlingford, NB Canada now that the date of the chicks arrival is so close, I am really starting to get worried. I ordered them from a local Farmers Co-op back in March...and I have been so excited for them to come these past 2 months!....but now that the date is fast approaching I am starting to get nervous. We ordered 12 - day old baby chicks {breed is unknown...order form only says "Brown Layers"}
I have read EVERYTHING I could possibly read on raising chicks...I have the brooder almost ready to go {just have to pick up a couple more things} We have had cattle, goats, horses, & pigs come & go on our farm for the past 7 years....but this is the first time for hens!
I think my worry is that they won't survive! {Kinda the reason I ordered 12...just in case we lose a couple} Is there any advice out there to calm my nerves???....or something you wished you would have done differently with raising your chicks?
Any advice or comments would be greatly welcome


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Feb 15, 2012
Keep them warm, fed, and watered. Handle them often. That's all. Just breathe, you will do fine. They are not any different than any other animal, really! Good luck on your new babies! I just got mine in the mail today. Make sure you get them home right away to feed and water them! :)

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lizan all i will say is you done your research and seem to have clued your self up and the fact you joined here you cant be in a better place for advice and help

so chill out enjoy the moment look forward to getting your chicks

and im 100% sure you will do just fine


congrats on your soon to get babies


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Jun 28, 2011
Keep them fed and watered and warm. Check for pasty butt.
Now, relax and enjoy your babies when they come.

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