Can someone confirm my medication maths?


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Feb 23, 2009
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I'm about to start worming with Flubenvet. You are supposed to mix it with their normal feed and give it for seven days, the theory being that bigger hens get proportionally more of the medication.

The instructions say that 6g will medicate 2kg of feed. There is a little scoop that comes with the powder which measures out 6g.

I only have two hens, and would prefer to just dose them in one hit (ie on a piece of bread & butter or a half a grape). It'll be so much simpler than trying to work out how much feed they need for the week, weigh it, then work out the amount of powder I need, and try and get the powder to stick to the layer's pellets using oil or something similar. Too much hassle.

So, say that they eat 120g each of pellets per day (being a marans-cross and a buff orpington, I'd say that would be about right, yeah?) then we should get 16.66 daily 'doses' out of that one 6g scoop.

... which is pretty convenient, as I of course need 14 doses to treat them both for the full seven days.

So, basically, I should dole out the contents of the 6g scoop evenly throughout the week (with a little left over) and they've had what they need.

Is that right?
Oh well, I went ahead anyway. I measured out the scoopful and then took around a seventh of that and mixed it into a wet mash with their pro-biotics and their pellets. They ate 90% of it, so that's good enough for me.

Might try it on bread and butter tomorrow...
Well, your math's right, I don't know anything about Flubenvet though.

Good luck.

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