Can someone define silver pied to me

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Trefoil, Jun 16, 2014.

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    AugeredIN,Your male is definately 100% w/e but the area surrounding the eyes has pigment around some of them. He's definately a pied too. But in my worthless opinion he is not a loud pied because of the train main body color is again white so the eyes themselves do not stand out. My thinking is a contrast in color between the w/eyes and the background color of the train. I have pied hens that easily are visual dark,visual silverpieds , but I have one pied hen who's coloring looks rusty brown, No she's not a purple or cameo but she's diffrent.
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    After consulting the UPA site and finding no information on colors, I "yahooed" physical description of silver pied and came up with this:
    From Triple B farms:
    Quote: They also state that as far as they know, there is no official description of peafowl colors and that the above is only their opinion.

    I am not a member of the UPA, and perhaps I am being super critical, but it seems to me that before recognizing a color, one should have a description of that color. That is the only way to ensure that when discussing color, everyone is talking about the same thing.
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    Once an expert breeder in my country called me and we talked in a long conversation about genetics, he told me something about silver pied genetics, he said its all about w/e gene, he swear that he got many silver pied chicks from w/e parents and not necessarily that they came from silver pied parents. I don't remember exactly what did he say but i think he said something about mating w/e peafowl with white peafowl and getting silver chicks from this mating, but i'm not sure. He said its one of the secrets that many large breeders will not tell you about. If i had the chance to call him again i will ask him again about this.
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    Many years ago when I first got into Peafowl I was told a silver was any pied with 75% white or more. Years later this was amended by another person to be 90% or more white. Neither of these individuals were professional breeders, but both had been around a lot longer than myself, so I took them at their word. Much more recently the white eyes and silvering of the body feathers began to be included in the criteria for a silver. I found that info on breeder websites and the BYC and UPA forums. I do believe it is considered a pattern and not a color, but I was unable to find a description database for either on the UPA site. If it is there, they really do need to make this info. more accessable. [​IMG]
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  6. I just avoid the term loud pied when talking to anyone other than a couple of breeders. I just describe the birds as to what they are genetically. The eye color and masking issue is because this is a pied white eye bird and not a silver pied. With regards to loud pied, I have never found a written definition of "loud pied" but I have heard it used to describe a pied bird with a single white eye gene. Some of those birds are obviously nicer than others. I doubt we are ever going to get everyone to agree on a definition.
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    The parents of these hens are White Eye from Brad Legg in KC. Only other information I have is that a clutch mate was white. Now, are all white eyed peahens silver like these? What term would you use to describe them?



    These pics may be of the same hen, jeesh, me and my camera....
  8. Yes, any fully white eyed hen will be frosty looking like those. Hens with a single white eye gene can be varying degrees of frosty.
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    I'm not good at this at all, actually many of my w/e hens don't show w/e feathers like yours did, i only know they are w/e because i bought them as w/e hens.
    Here is some pictures of my w/e hens:





    I think most looks silver specially if they are carrying 2 w/e genes.

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