Can someone explain this orp roos color?


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I recently aquired this guy with two hens. He is allot lighter on the bottom half than my other roo. He is also smaller. My other roo is more a solid gold from head to toe and twice as big in body size. Is there that big of a difference in orp roos? He is very pretty just different. The hens are also smaller and lighter than my other buff hen. Is it a different color of buff or something else?

Also he and the two hens are banded. Being new to the chicken world can someone explain exactly what they mean? They are metal leg bands.
What color are his legs and feet? They look yellow. If they are yellow, he is not an Orpington, but lymouth Rock. In any case, he is a hatchery quality and would be disqualified at a show. His comb is also defective, laying over. If you want quality Buff Orpingtons, I would suggest the for sale section on BYC. Several have eggs for sale: greenfamilyfarms, hinkjl among many.
I wondered if they could possibly be something other than orp, especially with them all being smaller than my others. I questioned buff rock but wasnt sure?
His feet I believe are a yellow with a reddish tint. His comb is straight up it just looks funny in the pic. He also got into a little tift with another roo and has been healing from that. He is a pretty bird and very well bodied just not big like my orp roo.
It might be my eyes , but he kind'a looks like he's got just the start of a laid back crest behind his comb . Makes one wonder , with the bands and all , if he is a start of somebody working on a buff version in a crested breed , using a buff Orpington to introduce the color .
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A friend gave us a trio of pet quality Buff Orpingtons. The extra males she has are a mixture of white and yellow legs. These all hatched together. So I will not hatch any of these eggs. The yellow legs are a sign that something else is there. Not trying to be mean, but would not breed from him. The feather and feet color is a disqualification in shows. If you have better quality males, use them. This one should make nice dumplins.

What color are the hens' legs? You may actually have a pet quality Buff Rocks instead of Orpingtons.

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