can someone please advice me my hens bottom is bleeding quite heavily


7 Years
May 15, 2012
hi there ive just been to check on my hens i only have 5 of them they have a lovely coop and are spoilt rotten. i noticed one of my girls was standing in the corner with its bottom facing outwards trying to seperate herself from the rest of the hens.
i noticed she had alot of blood running down her bottom and i mean alot of blood for a bird anyway.
shes not herself she just wants to be left alone and is very quiet. i havent noticed a prolapse and ive had a good look at her bottom but all i can see is a swollen bottom and lots of blood it also looks like there was a blood clot there aswell.
i have seperated her from the others but realy do not know what to do for her does anyone have any advice for me these are my first hens and im realy worried about her ....
please help xxxxx
Sorry for the circumstances. You've done all the right things. Is there any possibility that she passed a very large egg and has a tear of some sort? This would be a 'best case' scenario as such situations tend to heal quite readily. Keep her away from the others until the bleeding ceases, and hopefully she will be OK. Wish that I could have been of more assistance.
also make sure she gets some fluids to replace the blood loss volume with some electrolyte solution too will help her. keep her in a darken area to stop her from laying until she heals
hi there thanks for the advice i went out to feed them this morn and the blood seems to have stopped but its left lots of dry crusty blood on her bavk end which is why she is still seperated from the others .
see seems to have perked up a little in herself so i hope she has come through the worst thanks for your advice
take care xxxxxx

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