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8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
If my 8 chicks hatched on August 14th an 15th, how old will they be?

I know the answer is 3 weeks but my MIL apparently cant flippen count an just got on me lastnight about my chicks having a light on them outside in below 60*F weather and raining! she yells at me saying "you need to toughen them up for winter an their older then 3 weeks" you cant toughen a baby chick up. you'll just kill it.

so yeah I just want to make sure that my counting an recounting is correct an that my chicks really are 3 weeks old.
If your chicks are fully feathered-then 60 degree weather is fine for them without a light...they will be a month old on August 14-15th. If it gets well below that -then yes keep light on for a few more weeks...wean them off of the lights....
Breaking out the ever handy Springfield calculator I get 3 weeks and 2 days.

Many folks put them outside after 4 weeks without light. So your in the right to provide some added heat. Make sure it doesn't get too hot in the coop (size depending, wattage of bulb, distance of bulb to chicks, etc.). They'll peep away if too cold but if too hot get lathargic then can die without a peep.
Yup a tad over 3 weeks. My silkies are a bit older (abut 5 weeks I think) and on a cold night (below 55*) I will still turn on the light late at night. They're about ready for it to be taken away but I spoil my babies
but the thing is, these are your average LF or Bantams, these are Serama, way more fragile then others. They arent fully feathered yet.

Here are some of their pictures I took yesterday showing they still have down feathers.

(1st -ex-April.. she turned out to be a he so I need a boy name for him
2nd - Hawk
3rd - Rayne)



To Tiny. Make sure of ventilation in the area of the light and enough room to get out of the heat if they do get to warm. Its not the cold but drafty area.


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Their in a HUGE brooder outside with all 4 sides closed in chicken wire and a small wood box they can go in if it got too hot in the summer but these babies refuse to lay in it an decide to lay beside it so they are totally exposed to the wind an cold, 2 sides of it are against the house wall an I covered the open side that is facing out towards the yard an left one side open because it just didnt seem to be enough..
Here is a picture of the brooder with my first batch of Serama chicks in it back in June.. Not a good zoomed out pic but you can see what I mean about the 2 sides against the house wall an the sides that arent covered. this was before the wood box was placed.

I am going to scream! I woke up to the light being off again! she needs to make a choice, eithere they get the light or they come inside, this isnt up for discussion anymore!
rig up the light fixture or switch or plug to zap her when she touches it
If anyone touched anything to do with my chickens or other animals i'd be livid and i'd fly off the handle. Tell her to get her own darned chickens but leave yours alone.

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