can someone please tell my what breed she is


5 Years
Oct 2, 2014
my aunt gave me her as a gift . And said the she was a frizzle BUT she differently not a frizzle. Shes the same size as a silkie and she 1 year old . im really want to get another one of whatever breed she is someone PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Cochin bantam. Yes, she is not a frizzle. However, it is possible that she was sold as a frizzle--when you cross two frizzles together, you get 50% frizzles, 25% normal smooth feathered birds (like your hen), and 25% excessively frizzled birds known as "curlies."
Haha... where do you live, interested in a black banty roo for her? I dont want him anymore, just want the sl hen for showmanship.... thpugh he has started to crow, it is not very loud.

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