Can someone plz list harmful foods that I should avoid?

Luv Favorelles

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Nov 11, 2012
Ok i really don't know what foods can be harmful and life threatening to my chickens for example I'm not fimiliar with foods that swell up in their craw so I don't feed them anything like grits until I'm sure. Whoever replies I want to say thank you
I think my chickens are very fussy and spoiled as they don't like everything. Many treats I give them just wind up mashed into the ground. But I think they are pretty smart and "know" what they need and won't eat anything bad for them.
Potato and potato skins should be avoided by everything including chickens and ourselves... Uncooked potatos are supposedly very bad for us all... Other than that, our chickens seem to know what they want and dont want... As far as over eating, i wouldnt worry about that either... They can be enjoying a snack like its the greatest thing in the world, and like a switch goes off they willk just decide its been enough and wont touch it again... In my experience anyway

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