Can Splay Leg Self Correct???


8 Years
Sep 17, 2012
Vancouver island
I have 18 Blue/Black Amerecauna chicks that I picked up on sunday from the breeder. These guys were hatched on Saturday.

The flooring she had them on was a bit slippery and one was displaying splay leg on just one leg.

I picked up vet wrap on my way home yesterday with the plan of hobbling this little one, however, when I arrived home I had a hard time spotting the right chick. Once I did I noticed that it seems to have improved. She gets around, eats, drinks and doesn't get picked on.

Does splay leg ever self correct once the chick is on a more grippy surface? I would prefer not to have to separate her but want to do whatever is best for her. She has the best coloring the group too.

Please help!

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