can standards and bantams live together in harmony?


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
I have three chicks - one barred rock and two bantams. All hens (hopefully) and I actually wanted two of each. Someone who has chickens just told me that I will need to separate them. Is this true? It is just a little backyard coop - no way to separate unless I get rid of one kind altogether. Can they live in harmony? I was still considering getting another barred rock at some point too. They were out when I got mine. Humm. Please advise.


9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
North Central Texas
I have 2 full sized hens and one little beautiful old english bantam hen. I originally also had a bantam silkie. After a few days of adjustment, everyone got along fine. They've established their pecking order. Unfortunately, my little silkie (who was very young) died. She definitely wasn't injured by any of the other chickens. She just wasn't alive one morning. So, in my limited experience, they can adjust and get along just fine.


9 Years
Apr 6, 2010
In the past, we had 2 Old English Game bantams (a hen and a roo) in with our standards (6 or 7 hens, though probably none over 5 or 6 lbs., and a roo). They got along great. When Mini Me's (we called him this because he looked exactly like our big roo - both silver duckwings) hen got taken by a hawk, our big roo let him have one of the smaller standard hens from his flock. Both the roos would hang out on the fence of my mom's flower bed and our big one would crow, and then Mini Me, sitting right next to him, would crow, and they'd just do this back and forth for a few minutes. I always thought it was insanely adorable.

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