Can this be true or does it mean something else?


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I didn't really know where to post this...

I'm sorry I know this is so stupid and normally I'm not superstitious or really give into thing of this sort but this really bothered me.

My roommate (yes, I'm in college) had a bizarre dream:

I guess I was in my truck, not sure if I was driving it or if someone else was, and I was going to the barn where I am currently boarding my horse for the school year and I got into an accident. MY truck erupted in flames and I died. A few days later my parents came to gather my things and my mother turns to her and says "if she only stayed and studied, she wouldn't be dead." She couldn't get another roommate to replace me (I guess nobody wanted my room thinking I would haunt it or something). Well, she found a blanket that my parents accidentally left behind and placed it on my bed to try to make my side of the room seem less empty. roommate as been having some pretty odd dreams lately, but she said that out of all of them, this is the most realistic one... She said she's not trying to scare me or anything, but she just had to tell me because she felt I should know...

Well it's freaking me out! I am an only child and am really close to my family, and cannot bare to think of them having to go through something like this. I am a very careful driver and don't really let anyone else drive my I really going to crash and burn or does this translate into something totally different?

Help! Any ideas?

(sorry... thanks in advanced)
I'm not a superstitious person, but this bothers me, especially when I went to the barn today and she pointed out the spot of my accident and the angle my body was in laying in the cab of my truck... not really superstitious, just disturbed by it.

I just want to know what it means, if it even means anything at all....
Sometimes dreams can be a forewarning or just something that your friend's way of relieving her stress from her everyday chores or things she has been having problems on.

Its good to listen to your friend and if and when it does happen, sometimes you can divert the accident to avoidable accident. However most of all, dont worry too much about it.

If it still troubles you, seek professional help that can listen and advise you of what she thinks it might help you.

I, too, had a very, very realistic dream that I was dead and even the sound and smell was so strong however I dont know the whole meaning of it either. (I was in the body of Mary Todd Lincoln). My father said it may be due to the reincarnation of her and the grief that was so great that it was so profound and vibrate. The dream occurred TWICE and TWICE I could not get pass that one espiode when I screamed at the sight of my face (Mary's face) in the mirror.
That was over twenty years ago and no near death on my end yet. So I dont worry about it and it makes an interesting topic for chatting about dreams.
Ok. The first thing they always say is in a dream where an accident occurs is to take it as a literal warning. Sometimes we notice subtle problems, but don't do anything about it.

On the chance that this is the case, and your roomate has subconciously noticed a problem I'd have the truck checked over. Make sure the brakes, lights, steering, tires and other safety features are in order. Also I'd look honestly at my own behaviour and make sure I had not been developing any lax driving habits (multitasking on a cell phone for example).

There now that is out of the way and you can look for other meanings. In dreams we are often very literal. Go through the dream simply looking for literal phrases. The kind of verbal sayings we use spelled out in a scene or actually uttered by a character. You'll know if you are getting a correct interpretation by the ahah moments. It will "seem right."

Things that seem to jump out at me..... You "crashed and burned" and "it wouldn't have happened if you had stayed home and studdied". Later she tries to "cover up" and she "feels lonely". Any chance you have been spending time at the stable and it is interfering with your school work and freindship? Well you get the idea. There are some good dream interpretation sites on the web. It is an interesting subject.

Also sometimes everyone (especially in a warning dream) is realy the dreamer. Authority figures are the responsible parts of the personality children developing parts, projects, or ideas. Death the end of a situation, birth the start of a new phase.

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that's superstition

equest: dreams can be literal, they can mean something other than what they were, and it could just be that your friend ate/drank somethng the night before
Get a new roommate or ask her to stop telling you about it.

It obviously causes you distress and she is either insensitive to your distress, or she is trying to scare you.


I've had dreams concerning friends, even the children of said friends and told the friends about them. The reason I did was because IF something did happen I know I would have felt horrible about it for not telling.

Selfish of me? maybe, but at least I no longer am burdened by it on top of everything else that goes on in my life. I consider them possible warnings of possible outcomes. I leave it be once I've told it, I do not speak of it again unless the person I told brings it up.

BTW, none of the ones I've had that I shared with the person involved have come true. Maybe because I did tell and they took precautions or maybe it was just a meaningless dream?

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