Can toxic algae in lake cause the swan to go lame?


6 Years
Jul 31, 2013
Hi it's me again!
Well now we have a beautiful swan that is sitting by the side of the lake for hours, defecating right where she is lying, and when she goes back into the water she scoots on her abdomen. (I have never seen her walk, but she is said to be old.) She IS swimming fine, and eating when people feed her. I am worried that she is literally a "sitting duck" as she is not able to walk apparently. Today I read an article about how some algae can kill dogs. Does anyone know if that could be the problem with her? I have talked with a Vet and she is planning on coming to the lake to do an evaluation of the swan....Any help is appreciated.
Thanks! The Vet said just over the phone that it could be arthritis, and also sciatica from a liver enlargement. But the lake on and off gets foamy stuff on the surface of the water and a few times I have noted orange-brown sediment in one area...Wish we could have the funny looking stuff tested.

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