Can turkeys live with chickens

Evan cooley

Oct 22, 2017
I have an older royal palm hen that is half the size of the rest of my hens and a lot smaller than the Tom well the Tom decided she was his favorite and would not leave him alone so I put her with my chickens she is not too much bigger than them I have 5 12 week old chicks 2 4 month old hens and 4 6 month old hens they seemed fine for the hour i had them together she showed no signs of aggression towards them will they be ok together
They may or may not be okay together. If you do decide to remove her you may have troubles putting her back with the turkeys if necessary.
I've seen chickens with ducks geese and a turkey all in the same pen. As long as they have enough space and always enough food. I wouldnt worry if they got a long fine so far, just make sure they dont fight at dinner time
Just keep an eye on her. Many people do keep chickens and turkeys together with no problems. I have a narragansett hen who is usually good with the chickens. She will chase the ducks. During breeding season though she can be aggressive.
she is small she is not much bigger than my buff orphington hens they prefer to avoid her but i am worried about the younger birds who are very curious about her
I know nothing about turkeys do they roost like chickens, the reason I ask is when I added 2 new hens to my original 3, the arguments started at bedtime lol, it's still a bit touchy now?
I keep turkeys and chickens together and they have no problems. As long as you don’t have blackhead. I’ve heard a ton without another turkey will try to breed chickens in breeding season but I’d guess a hen is fine. I’m not positive but that’s my guess.
Not a problem for your chickens. There is a possibility your turkey could get sick from the chickens, though. Yes, turkeys roost the way chickens do.

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