can u tell how old a duck egg is by there air cells ?

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    hey, can u tell how old a duck egg is by there air cells ? (couse my father got duck eggs of his friend and his duck was sitting on them for a few days before i had them)

    if so here are some pics (there not the same eggs) there air cells are pretty big & when u candle them u cant really see enything in them just a little gab that u can see movement in there

    egg 1


    egg 2


    egg 3


    egg 4



    ~Daniel~ [​IMG]
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    Jun 23, 2010
    i'd say there fairly old try not to hold them in that position though always go small end down its better fo the embryo but i'd say somewhere around day 10 it looks like give or take im no expert though and if there as hard to see through as it appears theres a good chance there closer to 15
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