can use some input ( education)about a broody please

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    Mar 13, 2010
    I have a broody hen,so sweet, a splash Marans.
    She went broody about 5 days ago and I have meant to move her to
    privacy...didn't get it done so the other hens are chasing herr off the nest during the day.
    I pulled the eggs this evening because she was not on them and they were really cold.
    She went to the nest and screamed her head off so I replaced the eggs, she hopped on them, fluffed up to cover them
    and promtly tried to bite me.she is for sure brooding them.
    Question?.Will these eggs be any good since she is leaving them till they get cold????????
    I have eggs in the incubator I could give her due in 12 days................
    I could move her to the dog kennel so she is not bothered............ ( WHICH i WILL IN ANY CASE)
    I could give her fresh eggs?????????????
    I have Serama eggs due in two weeks but afraid the chicks may be to small.don't know if she would accidently hurt them.
    I could leave the eggs she currently has????????
    I could give her a few chicks in a few days.due Thursday??????????
    I just have not had that much experience with broody's.......
    I would truly appreciate information (education) about this.
    Thank You so much
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    Quote:Well, most folks shy away from long lists like this, but I`ll give it a shot. Don`t give her the Serama eggs, or chicks. Too small and will get crushed. Move her to a private location of her own with the nest at floor level, so the chicks can access the nest when she takes them back in there. After she is settled for a couple days in the new location, swap out the old eggs for some new fresh ones. Do all this relocating and egg swapping at night so you don`t stress her. You could give her some chicks, but she may reject them, so it`s better to let her hatch her own. Can be eggs from another hen, but she needs to hatch them. here`s a great broody article........Pop
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    North Carolina

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