Can we move to the new coop?


9 Years
Apr 27, 2011
Capital District, NY
Hey everyone!

I'm in Upstate NY - and this week it's going to hit high 80s during the day till AT LEAST Tuesday - lows at night in the mid - upper 60s. Can I move my 12 chickies to their coop now?

These are my first batch so they'd have free run of the coop - they were hatched 4/23/11 making them just over four weeks old and mostly feathered. The coop is totally secure and I wouldn't give them access to the run for at least another month. It's just so much bigger (17 x 8 ) compared to their brooder (5 x 3). It's also got the roosts, a bigger feeder and waterer, and their "sandbox".

What do you all think?
Eleven of mine were born the same day as yours! We have comparable night-time temps and mine just went outside. They're doing just fine and seem happy to meet the girls that are a couple of weeks older.
That is good news! They're getting pretty stinky in doors - LOL! They started having "real poops" now too. I've been fully changing shavings every other day for them. They're in the drive out basement/workshop so I can't smell them in the living quarters. But the second you go down there you know you're not alone!

I guess I'll move the girls today then
Worst case scenario - I'll give them some heat
You should be just fine but rather than running to the coop every 15 minutes all night long or sleeping with your chicks, how about just giving them a heatlamp to go to if they want to. Watch their behavior and you'll probably see them sleep where ever they want and ignore the lamp.
hehehe it will be strange not being able to go downstairs and see them 20x a day. I'm actually going to hold off for a few more days. I just shut myself inside the coop and I didn't like how dark it was.

Going to put in two more windows first
That's a good idea! I'd put them in the coop and give them access to the run now, at least during the warm part of the day. Or run an extension cord if needed and put a little heat in there for them at night, and just move them. I raise mine in the coop, though.
Yeah I'm just not too sure about the run yet. I figured I'd keep them in the coop for a week so they know where "home" is first. That way if it rains and I don't notice or if I get side-tracked I don't have to worry about them turning into soaking wet peepers.

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