Can you “break” a bully hen?


Apr 19, 2018
Niwot, Colorado
Don’t let her good looks fool you... This beautiful girl is a BULLY to one of my other chickens. Both are Delawares.
Pictured is Matilda, I have had her about a year now. She is part of my original flock of 3.
This past fall, I added 3 more to my flock. She has been a bully to the new ones. After 3 weeks of living close to one another, I let them out together. That left a Delaware and Ameraucana in the new flock.
She nipped at one of the new ones and it resulted in the poor thing getting wry neck, we had to have her put down.
She has been “dealing” with the other 2 now being part of the flock. She occasionally pecks at the Ameraucana, but doesn’t seem to be aggressive toward her. She can be downright mean to the other Delaware. She has pecked at her comb in the past, causing it to bleed. She grabs the back of her neck and pulls her feathers, getting up on her back. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I don’t know what to do.
When they are free ranging during the day, she is better with her. Still pecks at her if they are trying to eat in the same general area. But when they are in the run, she is not always as nice.
I don’t want anything awful to happen... is there anything I can do to try to “break” her of this bully mentality?


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