Can you bottle feed a baby goat after they have been weaned?


7 Years
May 22, 2012
We have just received 3 baby goats (8 wks old) They have been weaned from their Moms but 2 are very timid. Can I try to bottle feed them to make them more people friendly ? Will bottle feeding upset their digestive systems?
It might cause them digestive upset, if they've been weaned. After a mammal is weaned, they stop producing lactase, the necessary enzyme to break down lactose, a sugar in milk. Humans are the only mammal in which lactose is still produced past weaning. Plus, it is unlikely that they'd take the bottle, since they've only gotten their milk from their dams. A rubber nipple is very alien to a kid not used to it!

Instead, spend time with them. Grab a book and read in their pen, let them come to you. Also, a few treats will likely spark their interest, just not too many. They're young, they'll come around!

By the way, backyardherds is a great place for those with non chicken livestock to check out!
Thanks, that's kinda what I thought. We are on the right track with them. We spend tons of time with them in their pen. Take naps, give them treats(sparingly) and just let them approach us. It's working, but there is a big difference when their bottle feed. Thank you for you advice.

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