Can you eat the meat of a meat bird that has roundworm...?

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    I was processing the last of my meat birds. Which in turn to say they took over 3 extra months to grow thinking that it was the extreme cold and what not. However after gutting the birds I noticed towards the end that 2 of the hens had roundworm. I noticed it when the guts were sitting in the sink and the roundworms were moving around in the sink. I didn't see any in the cavity of the bird. While I finished cleaning them. I looked online and didn't find anything about not eating the bird. I saw you can still eat the eggs. As long as they aren't treated. They were not treated previously for roundworms before butchering. I know after treatment I can not eat the eggs of my other flock. I got a liquid goat wormer that I found out about on one of the threads on this site. I printed out the measurement amounts. I am going to treat all birds orally. Than 10 days later do it again. So I read on here not to eat eggs for 24 days. So long story short can I still eat the small meat bird that had the roundworms in them.? I honestly knowing that they were there and grossed me out to see them squirming I don't want to. However I just want to know for future reference. If I can I am going to make stock out of the small bird. Not much meat on the bird.

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    Mmmm... extra meat! [​IMG] Seriously though, large roundworms are in the digestive tract, not in the edible meat. The meat is safe to eat.

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