Can you guess if Alfredo is a he or a she?

what’s my sex?

  • Alli (pulley)

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Sep 21, 2019
My name is Alfredo I’m about 6 weeks old I love to sing get baths & oh my that warm air blower thing . My brother & sister have crazy Mo-hawks(polish laced) & I’m the low “man” on the totum pole Eapecialy with the 2 large Brahmas! I ❤️ Being inside with my human, the diaper...not so much. But I get a bit lonely so I’m getting a new friend to live with me inside when it gets cold. But mommy says she only wants one rooster. So whats your guess is Alfredo a Alli or a Fred. I change my mind daily. Thought girl because didn’t really “stand tall” but now I see whispy feathers on his head & he does stand up straight lately.

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