Can you guess the breeds of this rooster?


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May 1, 2009
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I had a broody hatch this rooster last August, so he is just over 8 months old in the photo. He is a real nice guy and is half Banty. The other half is a full sized chicken. It was a full sized egg he came out of. His dad is a d'uccle. Mom - ?. I got rid of him to a petting zoo and she needs to register and she is a thorough type person and wants to have at least a good guess as to what breeds he is. I do have a call in to the person who gave me the eggs. I don't think she really knows though, so I thought I'd ask here. He does have a mohawk. In this first picture, he is the middle of the chicks. The one with the yellow, somewhat feathered feet.

Here is is now at 8 months.

Thanks! (giver of eggs had no idea what hens she had last year)
Thanks! His comb in not single like the d'uccle or the maran. I don't know what you call it, but it is like a honey comb... ruffle. You're right though, the coloring is right for the maran.
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