Can you hatch the eggs of dewormed chickens?


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Jan 16, 2018
I don't NEED more chickens but I LOVE experimenting! We can't eat our eggs right now as our chickens just had their 2nd dose of praziquantel and ivermectin so we are boiling, dyeing and painting them all for Easter with the 3 year old. Like 4 dozen's getting old, which has got me thinking, we currently have a rooster by accident and he is here for another 4-7 days or so before he leaves for the farm so our eggs are fertile at the moment, I checked and saw the bullseyes on most today. Can I hatch them or is this not recommended after deworming? And if I can, I am going to do this all DIY, heat lamp, tote, in the spare room maybe? If I can go ahead with this I would loooove some tips! I know ZERO about this endeavor but am willing to listen and learn if pointed in the right direction :)

Thanks all and happy easter!
If you are going to commit to the creation of life, I suggest that you do it in such a way that you ensure success for the embryos who will be growing under your care. This means ensuring that they are provided with the right humidity, the right temperature. You can have better control of these parameters by having calibrated equipment. If you read "Hatching Eggs 101 in the learning center, that article will tell you everything you need to know to ensure that you successfully hatch healthy babies. Chicks that are incubated at wrong temp or humidity are apt to be born with congenital deformities, or die before they can hatch.

You can build a good incubator (with fan and digital thermostat) for less than $25.oo. If you can rewire a lamp if provided with good instructions, building an incubator is within your skill level. Check out the many videos on you tube by Rush Lane Poultry.
Thank you! This is exactly the advice I am looking for. We are a crafty family that likes to research and do things properly.

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