Can you help me ID these ducklings?


Apr 10, 2009
Upstate NY - Albany area
I bred my purebred Pekin drake to my purebred Blue Swedish duck, and a Welsh Harlequin and Ancona duck that I was told were purebred when I bought them from a breeder. Out of the hatches, we have gotten a couple Pekins, a few Welsh Harlequins, a few Swedes and then several of these:


At first we thought they were Anconas but they can't be because every one of them looks almost identical which isn't typical of Anconas.

Any ideas on what they could be?
Your post is really confusing. If I understand it, all of your ducklings are mutts but these don't look like the other mutts???
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Sorry, the last month of pregnancy always leaves me struggling to form logical thoughts and sentences, lol.

My ducklings are mutts, correct. As far as I was told I had 4 purebred ducks - A Pekin drake, a Welsh Harlequin duck, an Ancona duck and a Blue Swedish duck. Several of the ducklings that I have gotten from these 4 ducks have looked like breeds other than what I own and I am trying to figure out what they look like in order to establish whether I indeed own 4 purebred ducks or if I was perhaps lied to about one of them being purebred.

To me, these 2 ducklings do not look like Pekin, Blue Swedish, Ancona or Welsh Harlequin. If I am right, it means that one of the ducks that is producing these ducklings is not, in fact a purebred.
I don't think you can judge the purity of the adults by their mixed offspring. They do look like they could easily be ancona mix. Try posting pictures of the adults.

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