can you help me pick what breed i should try get broody please?

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    hey, i have a silkie hen im trying to encourage her to sit on eggs but shes not taking eny notice [​IMG] shes under a year old so maybe shes abit to young ?

    but i have 5 old english game bantam hens that are older than her maybe thay would sit on the eggs (go broody) ?

    i have the silkie in a 5ft long 3ft 6 inches high 2ft wide broody coop on her own should i change her for 2 english game bantam hens ?

    i only got 4 more days before the fertile eggs are no good so what breed shall i use ?

    there's a big nest in the broody coop with 6 eggs (fertile eggs are in my house)

    please answer [​IMG]


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    Sep 1, 2009
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    Quote:Yup, Buff Orpingtons. Black Australorps are also known to go broody more often than some other breeds. (BOs and BAs are, after all, sorta related.)

    Apparently, silkies are great broody moms.

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